Nikon ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder Review

Hunting Rangefinder (Product)

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Bow hunting or target shooting?

No matter what game you fantasise to bang on, small and highly magnified rangefinders will set the fire! That’s what Nikon brought up to you.

Yes, I am chanting about 8397 AULON AL11 laser rangefinder by Nikon.

Now you might be thinking, what that’s it all about? Neh! You are yet to get overwhelmed by its amazing features.

Why waiting then? Let’s decode them!

Sights at a Glimpse!

Guess what you might notice at first? Undoubtedly, the super catchy size of it. Because rangefinders don’t appear this small and handy in random, therefore, it will lock your gaze on it.

Now you are guessing the measurement right? Aha! It’s just 3.6 X1.5 X2.9 inches in dimension. Shocked? Don’t be. Because smaller the rangefinder smoother the sport.

Do you know the best part of it? That it doesn’t require any extra pouch or space. It will even fit into your pocket easily.

Afterwards, you might spot the start button, which is exactly on the upper part of the finders nearest fingertips. However, this rangefinder isn’t just small and bear smart appearance; it provides the user’s a great comfort and ease by holding it.

You don’t need to get puzzled about the holding gesture. It’s effortless and comfortable. Meanwhile, it has textured zig zag sort of compact body in all black.

Come on; let’s move forward to the sneak peek of the features.

The Key Features

Revolutionary camera:

Providing 2mm lenses and 6x magnification the Nikon aculon rangefinder overwhelms sportsman enthusiast. Also, the display will never disappoint you. Because it offers 16.7 m display which ensures distraction and illusion-free view. No doubt, Nikon owns a million of heart for its eye-dazzling coated optics.

Also, by using the camera, you won’t ever need to compromise your desired target. Not only this, through the available light spectrum a higher light transmission formula helps the light spectrum to deliver a clear, crisp image.

That is another plus for you, as it locks your eye on the target. Thus, you don’t need to spook out by any reflection or glare.


Lock the Farthest Distant:

Come on, don’t you want to shot the farthest target and amaze the sports club? Then, this rangefinder will do the math for you, because it has been specially formulated to demonstrate the farthest distant.

Do you know what’s exciting? That it has an amazing mode to capture any obscure or vague view. Basically, this mode has been provided for the target which might be hiding behind any tree or grass. Therefore, you aren’t prone to mess up with your target.

Deal-breaker Distance Feature:

Well, I am a little bit upset with their distance ranging capability. Though you might still admire it, as farther distance ranging feature isn’t likely to appear in such price and size.

However, it delivers almost 6 yards to 550 yards distance range. Honestly not too bad but we expect something better and revolutionary from Nikon. Aren’t we?


Comfort Comes with Portability:

We all lazy lads crave for some comfort and portability. Probably, you too. And if you are, then trust me Nikon’s (3.6”x2.9”x1.5) ultra-compact size will blow your mind. Because, smaller defines smoother.

And guess what? it easily fits in your pocket, that it will intimidate most of the smartphones weighing just 4.4 ounces. I mean just imagine, it’s portability!


  1. Multilayer coating: The multi-layered coating manages to shrink reflections on light transmission. Therefore, your possibility increases to lock up your target and be successful even more.
  2. Internal display: It has crosshairs to ensure the proper target so that you can read through the small brush. Also, you can see distance, target mark, unit of measures, laser irradiation mark and battery state.
  3. Peace of eyes: you can even use this rangefinder with your sunglasses on. As it delivers a crispy crystal-clear view, you don’t need to pressurize your eyes a bit.
  4. Magnification: It magnifies your target. Thus, your attempt is always on the money.


  1. It not only scans, but it also faxes too. Superb!
  2. Automatically switch-off while inactivity.
  3. It measures in yards and meters both.
  4. Uncluttered display.
  5. Absolutely, waterproof.
  6. Durable.


  • It doesn’t work on dark targets.
  • CR2 battery is costly.
  • Small reading requires a steady hand.
  • Not enough distance ranging as expected.

Where to use?

  1. Bowhunting.
  2. Target shooting.
  3. Gun hunting.


  1. What is the alternate of distance measurement?

Ans: Well, the default measurement is in yards. But, if you want precision you can switch it to meters.

  1. Does it work in dark objects?

Ans: No, unfortunately, it can’t perform in dark objects.

  1. Does it weigh 4.4oz with the battery included?

Ans: Smart question! It is 4.4 oz without the battery and 6 oz including battery.

  1. Does it display slope or horizontal distance?

Ans: No, it doesn’t display slope distance but horizontal in yards and meters.


If I am brutally honest here, then it’s not a flawless optic yet. But, it will surely provide proper ease and comfort while performing in the field. Finally, a standard quality optic to evoke the hunter in you.

Good luck!

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