How to Use a Rangefinder


2 years back I used to think that using a rangefinder might be a rocket science.

But guess what? When I discovered the myth of using a rangefinder, I realized it only requires accuracy and particular method to master. However, rangefinders are widely used in golf and hunting as well. While there’s no room for guesswork, rangefinders sprinkle it’s best.

Today, I am going to disclose the techniques of how to use a rangefinder. Let’s dive in then!

Consideration Before Using Rangefinders

✸You need to know why you are gonna use a rangefinder for. Is it for golf? Or hunting? At first, be sure about it and then accordingly find the suitable features in your rangefinder.

✸Always try to avoid Cr2 batteries. Because they are very overweighed to carry and, also they aren’t rechargeable. Mostly they are expensive as well.

✸Whenever it comes to golf courses, you’ll be needing precision. Thus, precision rangefinders are appropriate for golfers. On the flip hand, for hunters magnification is important. In that case, make sure you apprehend a rangefinder with that feature.

✸Even in your short budget, you can aspire a quality pick. Maybe not the premium ones but it would be quite convincing.

However, advanced features require a high budget and also the quality would be overwhelming. My point is, in both cases don’t compromise quality.

If you are hoping for a masterpiece then you can do some savings and get it to your hand.

✸Stick with the portable rangefinders. See, we all crave for comfort. And even in sports, if you remain comfortable with your device you can bring out the best of it.

✸Gladly many rangefinder providers claim durability and warranties. You better find out a rangefinder with enough durability. Hence you can have a long run in your sport.

So, these are the precautions to stuck on your head before intending to use a rangefinder.

How to Use a Rangefinder

There’s a basic of using a rangefinder but different rangefinder provides different features. And thus, it’s necessary to have experience using numerous kinds of rangefinder.

Although rangefinder is the heroic tool of golf. You can’t imagine a flabbergasted shot without it. Therefore, let’s come closer to the procedure of using a golf rangefinder.

Interestingly golf rangefinders are even used in hunting. Because the technique is equivalent and also the features serve both sports. Hence if you manage to master using golf rangefinders you can easily opt for hunting.

Using Golf Rangefinders

Basically, there’s laser rangefinders and then GPS rangefinders. Even though GPS rangefinders provide magnanimous features, most of the sportsman prefer laser rangefinders. Because its affordable and handy.

However, for using GPS rangefinders you need to download the course map from your golf state. And this rangefinder requires a particular network to have accessed with the satellite for measuring distant between you and that object you’re trying to target thorough a specific device.

The irony is these rangefinders cant mount accuracy due to the distance. Therefore, using a GPS rangefinder wont really bring any perks. Because all you need is to acquire target accuracy.

Hence, laser rangefinders are the significant choice for your game. Also, they are compact and portable. Once you start using it, you cant get over.

However it replicates a decent camcorder and provides straps to obtain the target accuracy as far as possible.

Although golf rangefinders should indulge in magnification and a crispy-clear display. Now, let’s move on to the procedures.

  1. One Eye View

Firstly, you need to perceive how you’ll look through the rangefinder. For getting accurate idea, your eyes should touch the units. Now, this method requires different criteria.If you want to see something from a far distance, then you might need different units. Vice versa.

Premium rangefinders provide versatile features and long ranged unit or yardage reading in meter for a stable idea about your target.

However, while looking through the device, make sure you are holding it steadily with only eye.

  1. How to Determine My Target

If you want to determine your target through the rangefinder without seeing it with bare eyes, then you might face problems. Because, it’s better to ensure your target before, without any tool. Thus, you’ll already know where you need to aim for your target. Once you’re done searching your target you can move into the next step.

However, sometimes you might get distracted by the ambient light or any obstacles. Therefore, you need to get a precise view of your target. For this technology has brought up some advanced scanning feature. By turning the scanning mode on, your device will start to measure the overall distance of that field.

Hence, a rangefinder with convenient scanning ability can provide you more sport and also the approximate distance between the target and other obstacles.

  1. How to Get a Magnified view?

Sometimes you require to get a magnified sight of your target. Suppose you’re expecting for a long-range shot, but you can’t measure it out due to lack of magnification. Thus, using a rangefinder with at least 6x magnification is crucial.

Another comprehensive part is, sometimes your target might get distorted for any object like trees or grass, but with sufficient magnification you can easily find your target.

For using the magnification feature you’ll notice a diopter on the left of your rangefinder or might be on top of it. You just need to drive it up-down for magnifying.

But now a days, magnification is fortified in the display of your rangefinder with crosshairs. You can easily control it and with a quality display, you can obtain a crystal-clear image of your target.

How Can I Find the Flag?

Finding out the flag is the core motto behind using rangefinders in golf. However, some premium rangefinders have fortified an advanced feature which allows you to get an instant buzz or vibration while it’s about to lock the flag. Awesome isn’t it?

Hence, you don’t need to get puzzled while whining everywhere for sticking to the flag. This amazing feature uses a sensor to identify the flag. Moreover, it differentiates all the obstacles from the flag and lock it quickly.

But what happens when you don’t have access to smart rangefinder? A low-end rangefinder will allow you to lock the flag which emerges in the most-farthest side. In this case, you can practice from the closest flag using your rangefinder and by time you’ll master the skill.

Now, these methods are the basics of using a golf rangefinder. But as the features keep updating and get more versatile, you may find it easier to use or tricky as well. It depends on the providers, who are offering different rangefinders for golfers and hunters.

How to Use Rangefinders in Target Shooting

Well, target shooting is not only a recreational activity but also equivalent to hunting. However, marksmen thrive in target shooting for enhancing their skills and make them the legends of hunting. Moreover, an amateur shooter can also mount the skill by compensating basic target shooting techniques.

Throughout this journey, a rangefinder can be your best companion. Now the most popular target shooting types are long range shooting, sighting in, informal and tactical. Below I am going to cover them up.

Long-range Shooting:

While you are intending to go for long-range shooting, having a bullseye is compulsory. And, for that nothing compares to rangefinders. A high-end rangefinder can provide you optimal distance yardage reading up to 500-600 yards along with the scope.

Additionally, if you aspire to have a long run in your hunting journey and acquire significant target shooting skill in every marksmen sport then practicing long-range shooting can be a dream-come true.

For long-range shooting, the using procedure is very simple. You just need to hold your rangefinder steadily and sight-in with your scope at your target.

Sighting-in Shooting:

Well, this is one of the most cherished target shooting field. Because, it enhances the hunter’s skill and train him frequently to mount the top score at the hunting season.

A rangefinder works miraculously towards sighting in. you can also double check the out ranges and its distances which you might forget. Also, you can use a high- quality measuring tape for sighting in. Still, rangefinders are way more effective.

By looking through the rangefinder, when you’ll find your target or decoys, you can watch your prey wandering into your ranging expansion.

Informal Shooting:

You might not know that informal shooting is something that any amateur can master with less effort. However, it’s an entry level basic form of shooting. You can just randomly set a beer bottle or coca cola can on a table at a far distance and shoot it.

But if you want to enlarge your guessing sense due to target shooting then this game is the one to go-to.

However, using a rangefinder for this can overwhelm you and render chunk-full of thrills and adventure. For this you require to aim you target with your bare eyes firmly and then once you have figured the target out, just place your rangefinder forth your eye and shoot! Easy-peasy.

Tactical shooting:

It’s also known as training target shooting. Because it’s massively practiced in law enforcement. Militaries and other security fields. Sometimes in these fields, a do or die scenario can emerge. For this, you always need to be in action. Thus, measuring the accurate distance from the target is a must. And therefore, a rangefinder can be the game changer.

Initially, rangefinders offer various features which can compensate in tactical target shooting. Such as night-mode enabling feature, using laser binos and optimizing crisp-clear display.

However, even in this field using a rangefinder is very easy. Just spot your target and then set the rangefinder straight to the target through your eyes and measure the distance effortlessly.

7. Quick Tips on Utilizing Your Golf Rangefinder Like Never Before

✶Always make sure that you’re purchasing a rangefinder which is specially crafted for golf course purposes. You might have a chat with your golfer buddy or an expert about it and probably most of them have preached about golf-designed rangefinders. Because many of us predict that hunting and golf require similar feature. Well, it’s surely quite same but not all around.

For example. Laser hunting rangefinders use a beam to measure the distance and bounce back to you as units on your display. It’s surely convenient for hunting but not for golfers. Because it’s fortified for distant priority mode only.

Whereas, a laser golf rangefinder provides you an accurate target count and through the satellite signal to your device.

✶Choose ergonomic rangefinders for easy accessibility. Because come on let’s be practical. You don’t want to ruin your game using heavy tools which you only give you pain. Luckily technology has turn this into reality with portable, compact, sleek and slim rangefinders.

✶Consistency is the key. Therefore, keep practicing as much as possible. The more you practice, the more closer your success will be. Because you won’t be a shooting-Nazi unless you master aiming skills from small to long range distances. Even with the basic target shootings, you can enhance your skill.

However, you can also practice in your home or in the yard. After a lot of practice in distant shooting, you can easily bang on the courses. Not only aiming at the holes but also sticking on the flagsticks!

✶Avoid being negative and hypothetic over any rangefinder’s capability. Because often we undermine the quality picks for the negative reviews or for one single inconveniences. In reality, we all love to jump into the conclusion without maximizing our creativity due to using rangefinders.

Hence, learn how to bring out the best from any rangefinder and be the one who can use it properly anytime and anywhere. For this, you require abundant knowledge and experience.

✶Always read the instruction manual of the rangefinder attentively. Because it indicates all the underlying features and provides a precise view on how to use them in real.

Bottom Lined

Honestly, there’s still a wide room for acknowledgment. You can’t mount that skill overnight but with proper guidance, you can be the best marksmen of your state.

Also, don’t forget to share your opinion on this article. Was it helpful enough? If yes, do share and stay tuned.

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